Medicina Tradicional China
The Chinese Traditional Medicine is a science that occupies of the physiology, pathology, treatment and prevention of the illness in the human being.
The Acupuncture is a therapeutic technician of the Chinese Medicine that consists in the painless insertion of fine needles in points of acupuncture with the purpose of...
Dietoterapia Bioenergética
Dietary recommendations following the principles of the Chinese Traditional Medicine and Bioenergética
The moxibustión is a valuable therapeutic tool in numerous processes traumatológicos and reumáticos, being one of his immediate main effects, the...
Terapia floral: Flores de Bach
The Floral Therapy of Bach consists in the use of floral essences to treat emotional difficulties.
Terapia Manual
Technicians of own massage of the Oriental Medicine and Bioenergética - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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